Prevention Approaches

Suicide prevention is a core area of work for us at the Hunter Institute. We are guided by evidence and our values in all the work we do.

Our organisation has been actively working in suicide prevention at the local, state and national level for 25 years, delivering successful, evidence-based suicide prevention programs, research, training and policy.

Through our work, the Hunter Institute:

  • builds the capacity of individuals, families, organisations and communities so they can contribute to the reduction of suicide and its impacts
  • translates evidence into practical resources, programs and approaches that are fit-for-purpose across different sectors and communities
  • develops and tests new approaches to suicide prevention that address current gaps and priorities
  • leads translational research to inform our work and the work of others
  • collaborates with and supports other services and communities to deliver better outcomes across Australia.

We acknowledge all people who have direct experience of suicide, including those who have attempted suicide and those bereaved by suicide. The voice of people with lived experience is essential in the development of our suicide prevention work.

We need to collaborate and coordinate efforts to ensure success.

There is an opportunity in Australia to take an all of community and all of service system approach to suicide prevention, and to better link regional, state and national approaches.

Our organisation works across local, state and national initiatives and is in a unique position to support the coordination required to deliver successful responses for the communities we serve.

While further research is important, we have good evidence for a range of strategies that work in suicide prevention. What we need to do is better connect the research to our practice, and ensure that our work is coordinated at a regional level so it is relevant to local communities. 

To be successful we must engage health services, schools, workplaces, the media, governments, families and communities and support them to all play their part. This includes investing in and providing good workforce development so all of these sectors have the knowledge and skills to contribute.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of the land we live and work on and pay our respects to elders past and present. We also pay our respects to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services and communities who support our work and partner with us in an effort to reduce the impact of suicide across Australia.

We acknowledge the many organisations, service providers and community members who work in partnership with us and who share their views, their knowledge and skills to contribute.

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