The Hunter Institute is dedicated to reducing the impact of suicide through action focused on reducing risk factors for suicide and enhancing protective factors that prevent suicide and suicidal behaviour.

The time for action is now.

Suicide is an issue that affects all communities. Recent data in Australia indicates that over 3,000 people die by suicide in Australia each year.

While this is a stark reminder of the work still to be done, it is possible with renewed focus, renewed resources and renewed ways of working that together that we can turn this around.

Our organisation works across local, state and national initiatives and is in a unique position to work with others and support the coordination needed to deliver successful responses for the communities we serve.

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Understanding Suicide

Suicide is a mostly preventable cause of death and an important issue for communities and individuals to engage with.

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Prevention Approaches

Suicide prevention is a core area of work for our organisation. We are guided by evidence and our values in all the work we do. Suicide prevention is everybody’s business, and it’s important to understand what prevention approaches are, so we can all work together to reduce suicide.

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