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About Elena

Elena has been working with the Hunter Institute of Mental Health since 2011.

A registered nurse by background, before moving to Australia she worked in the UK, where she completed a Masters in Public Health in 2002. While in the UK, she held positions at the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and the Health Protection Agency. During that time, she led the development of public health policy and performance improvement programs.

She later pursued various training in professional writing and media.

At the Hunter Institute of Mental Health, Elena is a Senior Project Officer in the Suicide Prevention team, leading work with media and police sectors under the Mindframe National Media Initiative.

During her time at the Hunter Institute, Elena has worked on a range national and state-based projects and programs, including Conversations Matter and Partners in Depression. In addition to her media work at the hunter Institute, Elena contributes to different media outlets, including Daily Review and The Hoopla.