Key facts

  • Each year, approximately one in every five Australians will experience a mental illness
  • Mental illnesses are the third leading cause of disability burden in Australia, accounting for an estimated 27% of the total years lost due to disability.
  • About 4% of people will experience a major depressive episode in a 12-month period, with 5% of women and 3% of men affected
  • Prevalence of mental illness decreases with age, with prevalence greatest among 18-24 year olds
  • Limited research suggests that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience mental disorders at least as often as other Australians
  • In Australia, the prevalence of mental or behavioural disorders among people born overseas is similar to those born in Australia.
  • Many violent people have no history of mental disorder and most people with mental illness (90%) have no history of violence

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Prevention First

Prevention First is a plain language document that provides a new national framework for strategic action to prevent mental ill-health and promote mental health and wellbeing.

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Mindframe National Media Initiative

Mindframe encourages the responsible, accurate and sensitive representation of mental illness and suicide in the Australian mass media by collaborating with media and various sectors that work with the media. 

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