Child, Youth and Wellbeing Program



Program led by: Dr Gavin Hazel (PhD)

The Child Youth and Wellbeing team is dedicated to mental health promotion, and the prevention and early intervention in mental health difficulties and mental illnesses of children and young people. 

In addition, the team works on strategies which enhance the general wellbeing of the population. 

Areas of specialisation include:

  • Infant, child, youth and adolescent mental health
  • Mental health promotion and prevention
  • Tertiary education
  • Schools and early childhood education and care service
  • Delivering Commonwealth and state government child and youth programs. 

Programs include: 

  • Response Ability - program supporting the pre-service training of school teachers and early childhood educators, regarding mental health issues in children and young people
  • Connections - a practical resource for early childhood educators to guide them in supporting children’s mental health and wellbeing
  • CHiRP - an evidence-based mental health promotion and illness prevention program for families and carers of children and young people living with an illness in Australia.

If you have a new opportunity you would like to discuss with our team please contact the CYW Program Manager, Gavin Hazel via email or contact directly on 02 4924 6945.

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