Work at the Hunter Institute

Why you might consider working for us

The Institute is an organisation which is committed to promoting mental health across the whole community, reducing the prevalence of mental illness, improving outcomes for people who are affected by mental illness, and preventing suicide.

So, first and foremost, we are an organisation which has a positive vision for mental health in Australia.

With us you will be part of a team which:

  • derives its job satisfaction from working hard and achieving its goals
  • demonstrates the values of mental health in the way work is organised and managed
  • strives for excellence
  • is innovative and responsive
  • values working in partnership with our key stakeholders
  • sees our target groups as essential partners in our work.

With us you will be given the opportunity to:

  • develop you knowledge base and skills in mental health promotion, prevention of mental illness and suicide prevention
  • develop your capabilities in best practice program planning, implementation and evaluation
  • learn from a highly professional team and
  • share your own knowledge and expertise with others.

Should you wish to express an interest in working at the Institute,

please email